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    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the methods of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). By analyzing data, improving content, structure, internal and external links of your website, it will be crawled better by search engines and your website will appear on the first page of the organic search result.

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    Why is SEO so important?

    With good SEO, it will give your website a good ranking on the search engine and search page. Without a good ranking, even if the services, products, or prices you provide are attractive, the website fails to reach the potential customers. Therefore, to increase your website’s popularity and exposure, you need to work into SEO and to let your website appear in a higher position on the search page.

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    What do I need to prepare before using SEO services?

    Before using our SEO services, you need to have a valid website url to get a SEO audit. Search engines will only crawl valid and accessible websites to its search index. In addition, you need to provide the website's back-end login information, including user name and login password, so that the Hello SEO team can log in to your website back-end to start the optimization.

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    How long does it take to get results after using Hello SEO's SEO service?

    Hello SEO's SEO service helps you gradually improve the website in accordance with the search engine guidelines. For examples, by improving the content and structure of the website, adding beneficial external links to the website, removing harmful external links, etc. These will improve the site’s scoring in search engines, thereby promoting the ranking. Since search engines take time to approve and update changes, it usually takes 3 months for long-tail keywords and 6 months for core keywords to be ranked on the first page of search results. The results will be based on the ranking of Google, the largest search engine.

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    Can I make changes to my website after starting the SEO service? Will the changes affect the effectiveness of ongoing SEO services?

    You can update the content of the website as usual, such as releasing new products, new articles, news announcement and so on. None of these will affect the effectiveness of ongoing SEO services. However, if you change the structure of the website, rebuild a new website or plan to use the same website domain name to operate a completely different product, service or information, please contact the Hello SEO team , because these will affect existing SEO services.

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    What’s the differences between Result-Based SEO Plan and other SEO Plans?

    Basic Growth, Standard Growth and Huge Growth SEO Plans charged on a prepaid basis; while Result-Based Plan only charged when you see the desired result. Please contact Hello SEO team for details.

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    Does Hello SEO offer "Get on the first page within a month" guaranteed SEO service?

    Hello SEO provides formal SEO service according to Google policy, if you aim at some low competitive keywords, it generally takes about 3-6 months to get the first page organic ranking for a website.

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    Does Hello SEO offer "Top 1 ranking" guaranteed SEO services?

    Hello SEO does not offer SEO services with 'Top 1 ranking'. It usually takes at least 3-6 months for a website to be ranked on page one, however the exact time is determined by various factors such as the keyword competitiveness and search volume, as well as the website quality etc.. According to Google SEO guidelines, no one should offer customers a top 1 ranking guarantee, because ranking is not only determined by the content or structure of a website, but also by a variety of uncertain factors such as the performance of similar websites and users' search habits, etc.Therefore, no one can provide such unrealistic guarantee.

    " No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google
    Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to Google... "

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    Does Hello SEO buy a lot of backlinks for SEO clients’ websites so that the ranking can be boosted quickly? If yes, how many backlinks are included in the monthly fee?

    Backlink means that other websites connect to your website. The more others connect to your website, the higher the recognition of your website and the easier to enhance the ranking. Increasing backlinks is a step-by-step optimization method that requires time and patience. According to the following Google SEO guidelines stated that the practice of bulk backlinks buying is not welcomed and it is violating Google’s SEO guidelines. Google will negatively rate the site and lower its ranking. Therefore, the Hello SEO team will only gradually add backlinks by following Google’s guidelines. The number of backlinks that need to be added depends on the competitiveness of the chosen keywords among similar websites and industry. Hello SEO team aim to add appropriate amount of backlinks and reach the expected rankings as soon as possible.

    " Finally, avoid getting involved in link schemes, such as buying links from other sites to increase your ranking. This is against Google's quality guidelines and can result in a manual action against some or all of your site, which will negatively affect your site ranking... "

  • SEM Management

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    What is SEM Management?

    SEM is Google’s online advertising programme, it is one of the search engine marketing SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Google is the most popular search engines with the largest search market share. Users enter specific keyword to search for appropriate website. SEM expose your website to potential customers and boost website traffic by appearing different formats of Ads on Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Youtube, Google Maps, social platform and Google Partners Search Networks. Learn more about the 6 types of SEM Management .

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    What do I need to prepare before using SEM Management Services?

    Before using our SEM Management services, you need to have a valid website domain name to get a SEM Management quote. Search engines will only crawl valid and accessible websites to its search index. Hello SEO team for more details.

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    How long does it take to see results after using Hello SEO’s SEM Management Services?

    It usually takes about 7-14 days for Google advertisements to be drafted, revised, submitted, approved and published by search engines. The actual time depends on the Ads type and approval time.

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    Can I make changes on the monthly advertising budget, advertising content and advertising settings of SEM Management during the contract period?

    You may adjust the monthly advertising budget for the next month based on the performance of the previous month. Before the next payment date, you can contact the Hello SEO team to change the monthly advertising budget, content or settings of SEM during the contract. Please note that it usually takes 2 weeks for search engines to approve and update any resubmitted information and changes. The ranking of your website may therefore drop during the pending time, so frequent changes are not recommended.

  • SEO vs SEM

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    What is the difference between SEO service and SEM Management service in terms of effectiveness?

    The aim of SEO is to modify a website in order to increase its organic traffic and improve the natural ranking on the search page;
    Whereas, the aim of SEM Management Services are to enhance the ...desired advertising position on search page, Google search network and Google display network etc..

  • 15

    How do SEO and SEM Management Services work? Does it need to change my existing website a lot?

    SEO improves website ranking by modifying the website content and structure of a website, picking competitive keywords, analyzing users' search habits and competitors' strategies.
    SEM Management does not need to make any changes to the website itself. Instead, it analyzes market data and competitors’ strategies to improve the content and competitiveness of advertisements, in order to bid for the desired advertising position.

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    Comparing SEO service and SEM Management service, which one is faster to get a good rank?

    SEO aims to increase organic traffic gradually which usually takes about 3-6 months to see the first page result;
    SEM is a bidding advertising. With the same quality of advertisement, the higher the bid, the easier it is to get the desired advertisement position; the website can therefore appear in the desired position in a short period of time.

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    What is the difference between SEO service and SEM Management service in terms of fees?

    SEO does not need to pay any fees to search engines, as long as the organic traffic increase, the ranking will rise;
    Google PPC needs to pay advertising fee to Google, you can adjust the Monthly Advertising Budget before the next payment due date according to your needs。

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    Should I choose SEO service or SEM Management service for my website?

    To answer this question, please read from Question 14 to 17. You will learn more about the differences between SEO and SEM Management Services in terms of their effectiveness, any changes required for the website and the time it will require, the price difference between the two, etc. If budget allows, having both SEO and SEM Management Services for your website will get the best result for your website because they help each other to bring traffic to the website. If you are still doubt about the choices, please contact Hello SEO team , we are happy to suggest the suitable one for you.

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    Is there any special offer if I take both SEO and SEM Management services at the same time?

    Hello SEO launches special offers from time to time. Please visit our offer page for more latest offers.

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    Can I use Hello SEO’s SEO or SEM Management service if my website is currently managed by another SEO & Keywords Advertising service provider?

    If you are currently using another SEO or SEM Management service provider and you are planning to try our services, please let us know in advance. SEO services need to manage the backend structure and files of your website, it is therefore not recommended to involve more than one SEO service provider. Whereas, it is a wastage of advertising fee to hire two SEM service providers to ‘beat yourself’.

  • Quotation & Price

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    How can I get a SEO audit?

    Please contact the Hello SEO team and get a FREE website audit, our team will guide you through to choose the appropriate plan.

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    What is the use of Hello SEO’s SEO Planner and Google Keyword Ad Budget Calculator?

    Both the SEO Planner and Google Keyword Ads Budget Calculator are FREE to use,you can get data of keyword competitiveness and the advertising budget of your competitors etc. which allows you to set a strategic SEO & Ads campaign.

  • 23

    Why is "N/A" or "Search Engine Data Not Available" found in the SEO and Google Keyword Ads Budget Calculator result?

    When “N/A” or “Search Engine Data Not Available” appears in the calculation result of SEO Planner or Google Keyword Ads Budget Calculator , it means that the system cannot provide the data for various reasons or certain special circumstances exist on the website. These may not be beneficial to any SEO or SEM Management services. Please call + 852 3611 1255 or Whatsapp the Hello SEO team during office hours, we are happy to help you.

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    Do I need to pay the exact amount of the Suggested Monthly Advertising Budget shown in the Google Keyword Ad Budget Calculator?

    The Suggested Monthly Advertising Budget shown in the Google Keyword Ads Budget Calculator was the average amount that your competitor spent on particular keywords, this is for your reference only. You can decide and adjust the actual budget every month according to your own preference.

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    What payment method does Hello SEO provides?

    You can pay via bank transfer, cash deposit, cheque or FPS.

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    How to calculate the SEO Monthly Fee?

    Hello SEO provides 4 types of SEO plans to fit different website structure, keyword competitiveness, SEO performance and budget. Contact the Hello SEO team and get a free SEO audit now.

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    Why are there price differences between 4 different SEO plans?

    To get the best SEO performance, different solutions will be applied to different websites depending on the website structure, competitiveness of industries, keyword competitiveness and SEO goal etc.. Plan with a higher price implying more SEO efforts will be needed. Please contact the Hello SEO team and get a FREE website audit and choose the appropriate plan.

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    How to calculator the Google Keyword Search Ads Monthly Management Services Fee?

    Hello SEO provides 3 types of SEM Monthly Management Fee plans to fit different advertising goals and budgets. Apart from the Monthly Management Fee, you need to pay a flexible Monthly Advertising Fee.

  • 29

    Can I customize the SEM Monthly Advertising Budget?

    Yes, you can use the Google Keyword Ads Budget Calculator to get a recommended monthly advertising budget. You can then adjust the final advertising fee according to your needs and budget. Therefore, the advertising fee is not stated as a fixed cost in the contract. If the advertisement quality is the same, the higher the monthly advertising budget, the easier your website will appear at the desired Ads area.

  • DashBoard

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    What is DashBoard?

    DashBoard is a self-service 24-hour platform for Hello SEO customers which allows you and your team to check and download the latest hourly-updated reports anytime for free. Your can trace the SEO progress and SEM performance and cost anytime.

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    What information can I get through DashBoard? Are there any charges for downloading?

    Once you have become a Hello SEO customer, you and your team can check the latest detailed report of your website SEO service and SEM Management Services and the competitors’ strategy report for free.

  • Customer Service

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    Instead of logging in to DashBoard, can I get a traditional report?

    Yes, please give the Hello SEO team a call at + 852 3611 1255 or Whatsapp we are happy to help you.